Blue-White Industries founder Ozzie King was a true pool industry pioneer. In the late forties he became a successful pool builder and inventor, operating as King Blue-White Pools. In 1957, he switched the focus of the company from building to manufacturing and incorporated Blue-White Industries. In the early years of the industry, products that we now take for granted were simply not available. Ozzie King had the foresight to see what types of products were needed, and the skill to manufacture those products. He was awarded a patent on the Weir Gate Skimmer, which greatly reduced pool construction costs and effectively cleaned pool water surfaces.

In addition to the Weir Gate Skimmer, Ozzie developed the underwater pool light (the first underwater light approved by the city of Los Angeles), DE and Sand Filters, Air Gaps, chlorinators, and flowmeters. His F-300 Series flowmeters became the Pool Industry standard. This ingenious meter, which installs in just minutes, enables users to accurately determine actual flow rate in their pool’s plumbing system. Health departments now mandate flowmeters on all public and semi-public pools. Ozzie King left the pool industry, Blue-White, and especially his family, a wonderful legacy.