made of non-woven polyester fibre, non-felt

  • Filtering finenesses: 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 microns
  • Non-woven polyester fibres
  • Economic and ecological (only the sleeve filter is replaced)
  • Available in two additional finenesses for rough

filtration: 150 and 300 µ (nylon – washable)
The sleeve filter must be replaced when the maximum pressure loss is 1 bar and minimum 2x/p.a. with drinking water.

NORIT ACTIVATED CARBON is an extruded activated carbon that can be thermally reactivated. The considerable volume of pores and the extensive exchange surface make this activated carbon an excellent choice for improving taste, eliminating smells, reducing chlorine, ozone and micropollutants, such as pesticides and other dissolved organic substances.

ACTIVATED CARBON: Description of product
Some important and useful information:

  • The guarantee of using one of the best activated carbons available on the market with a very high absorption factor.
  • The contact time between the water to be treated and the activated carbon is an important indication of effective treatment: with CINTROPUR TE models, the water has to pass over the entire height of the activated carbon bed.
  • The significant quantity of activated carbon used in Cintropur TE filters (NW 25 TE: 0.312 kg and NW 32 TE: 0.613 kg) guarantees optimum yield and service life. The lower the yield, the better the result.
  • The longevity of a filter load depends on the application: the recommended time for drinking water is 3 months (or 20,000 volumes of filter), to be replaced at least every 6 months.
  • You will preserve an excellent high yield/low load loss ratio due to the filter’s internal mechanism (cf. diagrams).
  • A very attractive price for the activated carbon replacement.
  • The packaging has been specially designed for easy filter filling.
  • In order to maintain the activated carbon’s absorption capacity, we recommend to use a Cintropur mechanical filter upstream, which retains the solid particles present in the water (earth, sand, rust etc.).

Recommended yields when using activated carbon:

NW 25 TE up to 1000 litres/hour
NW 32 TE: up to 1500 litres/hour
NW 50 TE: up to 3000 litres/hour


NW 25 TE (1″) = 0,85 lit. vol. 

NW 32 TE (5/4″) = 1,70 lit. vol.

NW 50 TE (2″) = 4,35 lit. vol.


Type NW 25, NW 32, NW 25 TE and NW 32 TE

Type NW 50, NW 62, NW 75 and NW 50 TE