CINTROPUR®, Made in Belgium since 1972 and PT SARANA PRIMA ENGUNA is AGENT in INDONESIA, has acquired a technical excellence in the field of clear water filtration and water sterilization, whether it is tap water, spring water, rainwater or well water,…

The brand name CINTROPUR® refers to a wide range of centrifugal filters for clean water (fittings from ¾’’ to 3’’. Flow rates from 1 to 50 m3/h).

The aim is to remove all the solid particles suspended in the water (earth, sand, rust, etc.).

A second range of products offers water treatment solutions with activated carbon.

CINTROPUR® offers a double-stage of filtration concept. First, the water flow from the inlet is directly transformed into a centrifugal spin forcing the larger particles down into the lower bowl. The next stage of filtration is achieved by the exclusive filter sleeve, available in different finenesses ranging from 5 up to 300µ..

You will be impressed by the high flow rates and low pressure drops provided by the unique CINTROPUR® concept.
Considering ecological and economical aspects, there is only a filter sleeve that needs to be replaced every 6 months.
Made from a first-class quality synthetic material, CINTROPUR stands out by its robustness and reliability.

Main advantages :

  • filtration is practically accumulation-free
  • minimum pressure loss
  • large constant yield
  • wide range of finenesses available
  • high level of self-purification
  • easy regeneration
  • long service life


Technical Data


Cintropur® filters are manufactured using high-quality synthetic material and are suitable for foodstuffs and drinking water.