PT Sarana Prima Enguna has 30 years of experience in handling clean water for industries / buildings / hotels / malls / households etc. and provides processing units, including a complete installation system capable of accommodating all types of raw water conditions and m industreeting the specific needs of eachy with WHO standards.

We provide solutions for those of you who experience clean water problems.

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We offer the following Water Treatment Units:

  • Micron Filter
    1.  Cintropur Central Water Filter
    2.  Harmsco Water Filter
  • Pevasa Media Filter
    1,  Sand Filter
    2.  Activated Carbon Filter
    3.  Multimedia Filter
    4.  Water Softener
    5.  Demineralizer
  • Pevasa Reverse Osmosis System
  • Pevasa Ultrafilter
  • Ultraviolet System
  • Ozone System