Reverse osmosis water filtration or ro water filtration is a process used in water treatment to achieve water purification. In a reverse osmosis filter water is forced against a semi permeable membrane (ro membrane). The pure water molecules pass through the reverse osmosis filter membrane and impurities and contaminants do not. The impurities are discarded and the pure reverse osmosis water (ro water) is saved. Reverse osmosis drinking water filter uses the latest technology in water treatment and purification which removes chloramines, herbicides, pesticides, sediment, volatile organic compounds (voc’s), heavy metals and minerals, odors, asbestos, nitrates, phosphates, cysts, silica, bacteria, spores and other contaminates. Many of these compounds are known carcinogens. Protect the health of your family and pets with pure drinking water provided by the reverse osmosis ro drinking water filter. Reverse osmosis drinking water filter provides pure drinking water and also provides pure water used in aquariums, horticulture, hydroponics and more. RO residential water treatment filter systems are designed for use in homes having city water or well water.

In addition to peace of mind, using the RO residential reverse osmosis water filter to provide pure drinking water results in huge savings over buying bottled water. The RO residential reverse osmosis drinking water filter will pay for itself within a couple months as the need to purchase bottled water is eliminated.
The MYRO RO™ residential reverse osmosis drinking water filter fits under any kitchen sink and is simple to install. The countertop reverse osmosis filter drinking water filter is excellent for home, shop, office or dorm. It sits on the countertop and the small foot print takes up little space. It is portable and can easily be moved to any location,