Water Sterilization through “Flow-through”
Advanced Fluoropolymer Tubing – AFP

A precious resource WATER

Water can contain an incredibly large variety of organisms, some are harmless, many however, are disease causing. These micro-organisms must be destroyed before the water is safe to use.

Ultraviolet Technology of Australasia  designs and manufactures of a full range of ultraviolet water disinfection units. UVTA™ uses ultraviolet mercury vapour lamps at germicidal wavelength to “irradiate” water contained in AFP™ Tubes. 

UV units can be used on any application requiring disinfected water, these include, but not limited to: Secondary Waste Water, Drinking Water, Cooling Towers, Product Water, Swimming Pools/Spas. UVTA™ also sells a complete range of filters, including reverse osmosis units, and pumps to suit specific UV disinfection and filtration needs. When using an ultraviolet unit there is no need to use chlorine, our ultraviolet units are Environmentally Friendly.