UV Model Series

AFP tube UV systems, future disinfection – delivered today

Key Features:

  • UV chamber are AFP* tubes.
  • All wetted parts are nondegradable AFP/ABS.
  • – these materials are FDA approved for food and beverages
  • Quick action lampholder for easy replacement of lamps
  • No fragile quartz sleeves used by UVTA
  • When opening a door or lifting up a lid , it will operate a microswitch to turn off UV lamps in case main power not turned off prior to opening the unit
  • Mercury vapour lamps temperature controlled
  • External lamp operation indicator
  • Dual scale resettable hour meter, to indicate lamp life (except on LC units)
  • External casing made of Powderkoted aluminium* and inner aluminium reflectors


  • Low fouling characteristics and turbulent distribution
  • Saves time and down-time costs
  • No shattered quartz sleeves and costly replacements
  • Safe maintenance procedures
  • Safety of operation
  • Lamps do not burn out due to no water flow
  • Efficient monitoring and effective disinfection
  • Non corrosive